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We are currently offering this as a 2 year course for those joining the Academy in Year 10 and an adapted 1 year course for those not joining until Year 11. 

We aim to:-

  • Encourage independent learning through the Taking Citizenship Action module.
  • Give students the opportunity to study current affairs to allow them to become active citizens.
  • Study local, regional and national citizenship issues with the opportunity to take action to resolve them. 


The Citizenship GCSE is split into 5 themes:-

A. Living together in the UK

B. Democracy in the UK

C. Law and Justice

D. Power and Influence 

E. Taking citizenship action 

The 5 themes are designed to give students a well-rounded idea of how to act like a good citizen in the UK, including the rights and steps that you can take to become a citizen in the Country in which they reside.

Students study for 2 exam papers with their Own Citizenship in Actions

Paper 1 The assessment lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes and it comprises of 4 sections linking to themes A, B, C with the fourth section which will include a separate source booklet focussing on debates.
Paper 2 The assessment lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes. It comprises of 3 sections where students will be asked to comment on their Own Citizenship Action as well as other actions pulled from sources.
Own Citizenship Action This must be completed by the date given. This is completed in class and assessed through Section A questioning in exam paper 2.