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Curriculum Accessibility


Our approach to making the curriculum accessible for students with SEND


Through the teaching of the Key Stage 3 and KS4 curriculum we aim to:

· Support and revise learning that has taken place in English and Maths lessons

· Enable students to develop their Literacy and Numeracy skills for life

· Encourage a love of reading and widen students’ vocabulary

· improve students’ communication, discussion and listening skills

· Support students with social skills

· improve students’ general knowledge and cultural reference points


We aim to do this by:

· Following a structured Numeracy scheme of work concentrating on basic skills and preparation for GCSE maths

· Introducing students to a wide range of carefully chosen texts

· Following a structured Literacy scheme of work concentrating on both reading and writing which introduces GCSE terminology and skills

· Including discussion activities based around texts, their wider cultural context and issues that they may raise

· 1:1 withdrawal sessions with a BLP to concentrate on specific issues- academic or otherwise

· Extra Curricular Lexia and Conquer Maths session