Useful Links

Useful Links


W/C 1st March 2021

Exploration of gender roles: modern England and Shakespeare's world. Live lesson and instructions in Teams.

Introduction to Much Ado About Nothing. Reading of the opening and exploration of 2 key characters. Instructions in Teams following live lesson and copy of required reading.


W/C 22nd February 2021

 Complete the Shakespeare context questions using the information sent home and the internet to add further detail. Questions and context information also available on Teams Assignments.


 W/C 8th February 2021

How is the weather described in Fitt 2: Page 29 - 41? Write a list of words associated with the weather in this section. 

Write a series of diary entries logging Sir Gawain's travels.


W/C 1st February 2021

Research Medieval texts and write down what Middle English was.

Is Sir Gawain a typical Knight - table for Typical Features and Unusual Features.

Read Fitt 2: Page 29 - 41.

Describe Sir Gawain’s journey in one word. Support with details from the text.


W/C 25th January 2021

Research what 'archetype' characters are and create a collage of favouritte archetype characters.

Read up to page 14.

Create a character profile for the Green Knight with an illustration.

Answer questions (in Teams) evaluating the Green Knight as an 'archetype.'


W/C 18th January 2021

1. Read Fitt 1 from Page 5 to page 10, recording answers to the following questions:
• Where is the story set?
• Who is the story about so far?
• What is the mood at the start?
• What techniques has the poet used
2. Define alliteration – write in books. Independently answer:
• What kind of letters are being used in the first section of the poem? 
• What kind of mood do they create?
• Speak the letters out loud – what kind of sound do they make?
• Does the sound relate to any imagery described in the stanza?
3. ‘Bob and Wheel’ (follow lesson on Teams Assignment).
Make notes on:
The effect of having a Bob and Wheel structure at the end of each stanza.
How it makes you feel as a reader.
The tone it gives to the end of each stanza.
4. Analytical Response: How does the writer set the scene in the first section?
Think about the descriptions used of settings and characters.
What techniques does the writer use and how are they effective?
What major themes are presented? (Chivalry? Honour? Heroism?)


W/c 11th January 2021

1. Recall knowledge of a knight and record in a spider diagram.

2. Research knights and branch off on your spider diagram with specific details and images.

3. Research the following and write a summary paragraph of 150 words: Who was King Arthur and what was the Round Table?

4. Watch the start of the story: here

5. Complete the cloze exercise found here.