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English- Year 10

W/C 1st March 2021

This week's Language lesson will each focus on the last two reading questions for Paper 1:

Lesson 1 - Q3 - Exploring Structure

Lesson 2 - Q4 - 'To what extent do you agree...?'

Each lesson has a PowerPoint that will be delivered during your live lesson and available in the Teams chat afterwards. The lesson will culminate in a sample question with the mark scheme used to reflect and edit.

Please email of DM Mrs C Smith who will mark all answers and return with feedback.

Miss Burley will also be delivering 2 English Literature lessons via Teams:

Lesson 1 - Context

Lesson 2 - The Prologue


W/C 22nd February 2021

Paper 2 reading and writing preparation this fortnight:

Persuasive Writing Activities:

  • Using persuasive techniques and creating examples
  • Writing a persuasive speech

Synthesis and Summary Activities:

  • Work through the support booklet.
  • Complete the mock questions for Q2 and Q4.


W/C 8th February 2021

Sign in to tuitionkits

Select GCSE English Language > AQA > Mr Bruff: Paper 1 Questions

Your sessions have been scheduled for you to watch the video demonstration and complete the tasks. There's even a funky revision video to The Greatest Showman.


W/C 1st February 2021

8 practice exam pages for English Language using Literature text for revision (A Christmas Carol). Please complete the tasks, annotating the extract and emailing across the completed answers. Question 4 should be at least 2 pages of a response (20 marks).


W/C 25th January 2021

Complete the booklet on purpose, audience and language used to influence.

Creative Writing Tasks (using the preparation for reading work completed). x2 of choice to be completed and returned via Teams.


W/C 18th January 2021

How writers use language to influence readers

15 preparation tasks with a summative assessment. Hard resources posted home; booklets available through Teams assignment. 

 English Literature

Please complete the workbook on An Inspector Calls using the hard copy of the book. All activities should be completed and returned to school or shown via Microsoft Teams. Workbook is available through assignments on Microsoft Teams.


W/c 11th January 2021

English Language

For copies of the texts for lessons, CLICK HERE

Access ASSIGNMENTS on your Microsoft Teams account. Write the definitions for language techniques.

Read the first extract and annotate for different techniques used.

Answer the 'Analysis' questions 1-3. 


W/c 4th January 2021

English Literature

 1.     List your current knowledge about Britain between 1912 and 1945.

2.     Using the internet via your device, research the following contextual topics and make notes in your own words.

  • The role of women and employment between 1912 and 1945.
  •  Attitudes towards different social classes between 1912 and 1945.
  • Employment laws, and any changes to these, between 1912 and 1945.
  • Key events between 1912 and 1945.  

3.    Access ASSIGNMENTS on your Microsoft Teams account to answer the questions.