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Information on the approaches to teaching reading at DPA

Derby Pride Academy is committed to raising the standards of reading for all its students. It is important that all students develop the ability to read confidently to cope with the demands of everyday life.

Teaching effective reading skills is not just the responsibility of the English department. All subjects, where students are expected to read, are taking steps to develop these skills and provide opportunities for them to acquire the appropriate knowledge.

In order to identify students’ reading ability, every student completes the New Group Reading Test (NGRT) digitally, to ascertain their Reading Age and areas to develop. This information is used to support appropriate setting and intervention.

Specific strategies on the approaches to the teaching of reading:

  • KS3 English reading lessons.
  • Cloze activities to support word recognition and comprehension.
  • Different text types implemented daily.
  • Moving image to support printed text.
  • Displays for key words.
  • Language for learning as a focus of lesson objectives.
  • Using texts related to local surrounding to personalise and engage.
  • Activities linked to a range of reading strategies: empathising, inferring, close reading, reading backwards and  forwards, skimming, scanning, predicting and questioning but to name a few.
  • 1:1 extract to support phonics at individual word level.
  • 1:1 extract to place words in to sentences.
  • 1:1 extract to develop grammar.