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ICT and Computing


  • To ensure that all students understand Technology.
  • To functionally use ICT outside of school and in a working environment


We teach the basic functional skills required to use and operate computers and office software. Students also learn some computer language, binary and HTML, as well as learn about being safe online, how to use block editing software to create games and how computers work.


Various assessment methods are used in ICT at the start if the Key Stage Year and for new students we use a baseline assessment. Shortly after this, students complete a self assessment. At the end of each topic there is a project that requires them to complete a piece of work using the knowledge gained that term. Year 11's are assessed online by submitting their coursework and have this externally marked. Feedback is also provided for development.


ICT is kept up to date by making sure it is applicable to real life situations. The focus on digital literacy ensures that, when students leave school, they will have the skills required to confidently use computers. 

The level 2 ITQ Course has been implemented this year following from ECDL no longer being accredited. This course revolves heavily around literacy and the functionality of using computers.

Alongside this, students sit ICT Functional Skills with Edexcel. From both of these qualifications, students can see results within a matter of months. This is really useful for building students confidence with ICT as they are gaining constant feedback. This also works extremely well with students that come to us on a short turnaround, ensuring that all students make progress.