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Life Skills

To further support access to additional post-16 pathways, and to support vulnerable students in managing without the support they receive whilst in full-time education, we have scheduled a number of Life Skills sessions, in collaboration with a number of external providers.

These are:

  • Nutrition, shopping/budgeting and cooking for survival (YMCA)
  • First Aid (St John's Ambulance)
  • Enhanced communication skills: Introduction to Deafness and Deaf Awareness, BSL alphabet, basic BSL signs (Interpreting Solutions)
  • Self Defence (Complete Martial Arts)
  • Acquiring the skills needed for a desirable future (Barclay's Life Skills)

The planned sessions will prepare vulnerable students for life outside of compulsory education and will upskill in areas of personal care, wellbeing and safety. We aim to inspire our students to develop feelings of self-worth and a sense of belonging in the community of which they live.

The sessions are planned for small groups to allow for interpersonal skills and communication development. Each unit will cover a half term to improve students' engagement over a set period of time, ensuring they can achieve recognition of their input.

Drawing on external providers, the activities utilise specialists who ensure some of the most challenging and vulnerable young people in the city have access to activities that develop their resilience and empathy with others- thus, providing opportunities that will  alow them to serve their local community. For example,

Self Defence (Complete Martial Arts)

Running alongside PE, students attend self-defence training over a half term. This improves their fitness and coordination which, in turn, leads to a confidence and self-esteem boost.

The sessions are delivered by a qualified mixed-martial arts instructor in an appropriate setting so students feel able to engage without the fear of other students watching.

Self-defence teaches concentration and discipline, which some of our students lack in the approach to leaving their studies. Furthermore, following instructions, interacting with others and being respectful are essential qualities shaped during a self-defence session which allows our learners to grow personally and as responsible members of the community.

First Aid (St John's Ambulance)

As part of our Life Skill's offer, we have arranged for our Year 11 students to take part in First Aid Training, which is delivered by a member of St John's Ambulance. They have devised a specific programme of study, which includes signposting facilities in the area and where to receive further training. Pupils will receive a certificate to acknowledge their learning.

We offer students a range of modules focussing on basic first aid. These take place offsite to ensure students are not distracted and are led by a qualified instructor provided by the St John's Ambulance. This will ensure quality and lead to certification.

The session run for a half term as part of a varied programme of activites and will be supported by a member of our team to boost confidence. The impact for our students is, not only acquiring knowledge of first aid (thus, improving their safety and resilience) but providing them with opportunities to interact with the community and increase their sense of purpose.

Enhanced communication skills: Introduction to Deafness and Deaf Awareness, BSL alphabet, Basic BSL signs (Interpreting Solutions)

Most of our students are compassionate and caring towards others. Once they have settled into the Academy they adopt our inclusive philosophy and some have attended work experience at a local special school.

The sessions cover 3 topic areas to raise awareness of deafness and to upskill our students to be able to communicate with those who have hearing/communication difficulties. This not only has impact on confidence and self-esteem, but allows our students to interact positively with some members of the community who may be excluded.

Nutrition, shopping/budgeting and cooking for survival (YMCA)

Since we opened, Derby Pride Academy has felt strongly about providing all students with food. We ensure that all of our students, regardless of Pupil Premium status, receive breakfast, break and lunch at no cost. This has helped to establish positive relationships with many students making disclosures and leading to multi-agency support. However, we have concerns about the support some of our learners do not access once they leave us.

To address this, we have established relationships with the YMCA who already deliver some vocational provision surrounding basic cooking skills.

The aim of this project is to develop school-leavers' knowledge and understanding of nutrition, shopping for appropriate foods on a budget and how to cook safely whilst allowing individual students to identify a further support network in the YMCA once they finish their studies with us.

Acquiring the skills needed for a desirable future (Barclay's LifeSkills)

We spend a lot of time inspiring our students to move on to solid post-16 pathways. Many of our students lack confidence and self-esteem due to gaps in their education and so do not always seek post-16 opportunities that they desire.

We work with Barclay's LifeSkills volunteers to create engaging CV's and cover letters whilst improving knowledge and confidence in interviews. Weekly sessions at a pivotal time for post-16 applications focus on practising interview techniques with trained LifeSkills volunteers-cultivating students' ability to present themselves in front of a stranger.