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Physical Education

In PE lessons at DPA, we encourage our pupils to develop their physical literacy and technical knowledge so that they can become well-rounded sports participants.


Due to the nature of our pupils, many of them have disengaged with physical activity in much the same way as they have done in the more academic subjects. Therefore, the aims of PE here at Derby Pride Academy are to re-introduce pupils to a variety of activities ranging from accessing the school gym to indoor rock climbing. Additionally, pupils can now complete recognised qualifications, such as: Sports Leaders Level 1 and NCFE Health and Fitness Level 1/2.

The main aims of PE for Derby Pride Academy are:

  • To develop a sound knowledge and understanding of health and fitness;
  • To acquire and develop skills across a range of physical activities;
  • To take ownership of their own health and to make informed choices about their lifestyle.



All KS3 pupils take part in core PE lessons as part of their timetable. The KS3 option group are currently studying Sports Leaders Level 1 as well as completing other sports qualifications alongside this (for example, the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme Level 1).

KS4 also take part in core PE lessons however they are studying Health and Fitness Level 1/2 which runs alongside their core lessons.



The pupils will be taught in various ways in order to help them to achieve their full potential within the subject. This is due to the majority of the pupils being keener to learn via practical, hands on sessions, as opposed to a more written based session during blocks of theory work. Therefore as well as taking part in the required theory based lessons where they are expected to be producing written work, they will also have various practical assignments to complete. Examples of this are using play-dough to make a detailed model of the knee joint, as well as collaborating with the academy’s science teacher to hold joint practical lessons such as dissections. Pupils will also be taking part in practical lessons both in the gym and offsite to further enhance their learning experiences.



KS3 will be assessed by completing their Sports Leaders booklet which is internally assessed and verified by staff at Derby Pride Academy. A sample of these will then be randomly selected by Sports Leaders for quality assurance. Additionally, each pupil will also be required to complete a total of one hour’s worth of volunteering at an appropriate venue, where they will assist in leading a sports session.

Any additional qualifications that KS3 undertake will be assessed by a qualified specialist within that particular field, for example at Alter Rock when the pupils are completing their Level 1 indoor climbing course.

KS4 will be assessed while completing the NCFE Health and Fitness course by an internal assessment involving a case study as well as an external assessment that is exam based.



As the PE qualifications are new at DPA the decision has been made to not make the pupils complete a baseline assessment for the subject straight away. This is because the vast majority of the pupils had very little to no subject knowledge prior to commencing the course and that their time was better spent learning instead. However there will be a mock exam during the course of the year which will allow staff to gauge areas for improvement as well as the chance to review individual pupil’s progress.

We will re-evaluate the courses offered following this series of summer examinations and discuss with the Year 11 cohort moving forward.


Cross-curricular Links


Whilst PE is naturally a practical subject, pupils are still required to express their views and ideas in an effective and concise manner. Good literacy is necessary to understand, respond to, and use a range of specialist terminology to describe the theoretical aspects within the subject in order to represent and communicate ideas and this is vital across all areas of the curriculum.


Events, People and Places

The sports world is full of famous athletes that are widely recognisable in today’s society. This makes them ideal for pupils to make comparisons between when looking at the different components of health and fitness as well as potentially good role models for the pupils to look up to.



A fundamental concept of PE is that pupils learn, not only information to help themselves achieve a qualification, but also skills that they can apply to their own lives as well. By taking part in PE on a regular basis, pupils can learn how to lead a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle, as well as other benefits such as team work and communication skills. These skills are highly transferable to other aspects of life, especially transitioning to post-16 destinations and the work place.



All procedures used across the curriculum are also applied regularly throughout PE. This includes Child Protection, Health & Safety, Confidentiality and using Data. Pupils utilise a range of equipment for which certain Health & Safety standards need to be adhered to. They understand confidentiality in terms of Personal Fitness Plans and data is used to plan and monitor progress.

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