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Media Studies

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Please watch and take notes on the way that sound and the camera are used to make meaning in relation to what you see in each scene. Deep analysis of what you are watching is the key to understanding media and media studies. The question around everything that you see is "why?"

Everything happens for a reason when it comes to film TV, movie and media. 

Explain how camerawork, sound and editing make meanings in the extract from Class, Co-owner of a Lonely Heart.

Class S01 E04: Co-owner of a Lonely Heart - Click here to watch

Doctor Who - An Unearthly Child - Click here to watch

You should be thinking about connotations and denotations - If you cannot remember what these are - Please check this video

Session 2

What do I need to look for in Class and Doctor Who? - Click here to watch

Session 3


Science fiction/science fantasy as a genre has changed very little since Doctor Who was first broadcast in 1963.’ How far does an analysis of the extract from Class, Co-owner of a Lonely Heart show this to be true? Answer with reference to non-verbal codes, characters and storylines.

Compare and contrast the two science fictions programmes that you have just watched.