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Useful Links

PE- Year 11

Daily PE should involve at least 15 minutes of physical activity

Please Click here to access"THE BODY COACH TV" for your daily work out with Joe Wicks


 Synoptic Project Instructions

Please read the information below before starting work on your project.

  1. This coursework is going to be worth a minimum of 60% of your final grade. If the exam in the summer does get cancelled this may be the only way you will be assessed, therefore making it 100% of your grade.
  2. The deadline for the project is the 30th April. That includes having the project marked and being sent off as well.
  3. Fill in the details on the front of the project paper. The actual work you complete can be written on the additional worksheets provided.
  4. Read the project brief fully so you understand the scenario and what you are being asked to do before you begin to fill in the worksheets.
  5. The Learner Log needs to be updated regularly (at least at the end of each task). The Declaration of Authenticity sheet will also need to be filled out once you have completed your project.
  6. Any resources you need to help you complete the project are on the DPA remote learning page. This will include example projects so you can see how to answer questions properly. If you need anything extra or can’t access these then contact myself either through Microsoft Teams or via school phone/social media.
  7. Lastly, you will find the project a lot easier to manage and I will be able to support you better if you log onto your PE lessons through Microsoft Teams through the calendar. If for some reason you prefer to work on your own that’s fine however if you get stuck you can still message me through the chat function on Teams.

The Synoptic Project worksheet can be accessed here

Best of luck with your project.

Mr Scanlan


Powerpoint Presentations

Session 36 Powerpoint can be viewed here

Session 37 Powerpoint can be viewed here

Session 38 Powerpoint can be viewed here

Session 41 Powepoint can be viewed here

Resistance Training Guidelines


1.) Exercise Selection & Weekly Split – There are countless ways to split your strength workouts.  For example:

  • Full Body
  • Upper Body vs. Lower Body
  • Push vs. Pulls
  • Legs vs. Chest & Tri’s vs. Back & Bi’s
  • Anterior vs. Posterior

2.) Rep/Set Range & Rest Periods – The reps, sets and rest for your program will change based on your goals.  Below is a pretty simple chart that shows the parameters you should be lifting for your particular goal.


Load (%RM)




Muscular Endurance

60-75 %RM



30-60 sec


70-85 %RM



1-2 min

Muscular Strength

85-100 %RM



2-5 min


30-60 %RM



1-3 min

3.) Weight Selection – Selecting weight can be tricky if you aren’t on a strict strength/power program and don’t know your 1RM (1 rep max.) If you are new to resistance training and you really aren’t sure what weights to start with, err on the side of light and increase from there.   It’s really import to ensure that your form is on point and you aren’t sacrificing it to lift heavier weights. (Read: challenge yourself with weights, but don’t injure yourself!)  I always tell my clients that if you can easily complete ALL reps on the final set with no problem, then it’s probably time to increase.  You should be struggling/failing on the final set.

Coursework examples can be viewed as followed:-

Example 1 click here

Example 2 click here

Example 3 click here